I'm new to this a forum. I was changed from Flixotide and Ventolin as my asthma was not controlled. I'm now on a combination inhaler - Flutiform, but I have bad cramp in my feet every night, plus swollen ankles. The Flutiform was helping until I got a cold and had to take Ventolin too.

Anyone got any tips to stop the cramps, and anyone else on Flutiform, 250 2 puffs twice a day.

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  • Hello Pie 1948 and welcome. Sorry no help with flutiform, but for cramp try a glass of tonic water in the evening. One of the members recommended this a few weeks back and it seems to help.its just another damn thing that seems to happen to us. I am sure someone will be along soon to help you with your meds :-)

  • Thanks starveycat. I have just put a can of tonic water in the fridge and will have a glass later. Thanks for that. Definitely worth a try!

  • Hello and welcome to the group. I am sorry your asthma is uncontrolled. I know nothing about the inhaler you have been changed on to,

    Hope someone comes on who can help.



  • Hi

    How long have you been on flutiform? If your in the initial phase of moving from a single inhaler to a combination, I was told it would take time for you body to adjust to have the LABA in your system (this is the formoterol part of the flutiform) obviously this is only what I've been told I'm not a medical professional. So may be worth talking to one if your concerned. The AUK helpline nurses are great.

    I've been on it for three years now, at first I had a lot of leg cramping and I was very very shaky but it only lasted for a month or so.

    If you've been on It for quite sometime it may be worth discussing this with your GP.

    Two ways I was told helps reduce the cramp, depending on how you sleep. If you sleep on your front (I can't breathe properly if I do this) lay so that your feet are hanging slightly off the end of the bed, Or if your on your back/side prop them up a bit(stick a cushion under your ankles)

    Flutiform isn't for everyone I've read lots on here about people who can't get on with it etc. But it's been good for me, it was a very new to market drug when I was first prescribed it but it's been around for a few years now. Hopefully some others will be along and able to help too, everyone's condition and experiences are different.

    Do you use a spacer with your flutiform? And also have you been shown tidal breathing, something in recently been told is a better technique for getting it right into the bottom of your lungs. Re having a cold I still find I need my reliever inhaler much more too.

    Hope I've been of some help?

    L xx

  • Hello Lil tinx 66 excuse me buttimg in but what is tidal breathing please :-)

  • Of course, I only learnt it at clinic on thursday! I use a spacer to help get as much into bottom of lungs as possible. I used to just take one big inhale from spacer and hold in for ten seconds(the way I've done since Dx.

    Now they've recommended short and slow breaths inhale and exhale five times from spacer. I can't comment much more as I've only been doing it a couple of days.

    This is a paediatric leaflet but it's the same technique I've been taught


    L xx

  • Yes. Thanks for that. I will try it.

  • Hello pie

    Just thought I would enquire and see how you are getting on with the flutiform now??

    L xx

  • Hi Lil_tinx66

    I saw the asthma nurse this morning,funnily enough. My peak flow is around 370-380 which is not bad for me. She suggested reducing the Flutiform - 250/10, two puffs twice a day to one puff twice a day, So I will try that. I am now drinking tonic water in the evening, and it does seem to have reduced the cramps.

    Having said that, it is very windy today and I am coughing more so will keep an eye on it.

    Thank you for asking again.

  • Hey,

    That's good news, did you mention the cramps yo your asthma nurse. You might find they ease of on the reduced dosage.

    I saw my GP Monday, I've been stepped back up from 125/5 2x2 ( which is the equivalent of your reduced ) to 250/10 2x2 for three weeks to try and get this latest flare under control.

    Yes it's just getting extremely windy here too! Blame Barney!

    L xx

  • Hi L

    Yes, I mentioned the cramps and the suggestion of tonic water, but she had not heard of that. However, it does work for me. I hope your increase in Flutiform will get your flare up under control and that you can soon reduce it to your usual dose.

    Pie 1948

  • Thank-you Lil tinx 66 for replying♥

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