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Good morning everyone hope everyone doing well ,

Well nice to be back home but woke today with wheezing again and not feeling grand ,

my legs really hurt in my calves hurts to walk but I think that's just down to where I have been sat about in hospital for last week will keep an eye on it got doctors next Tuesday for a check hopefully I can make it till then we'll have a good day everyone and take care xx

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Don't leave it too long. Take care.


Take it easy you have had a really tough time♥♥♥


Thank u and u X


I find if I've been sat too long that my calves ache. It helps to have a walk every hour even if it's just round the lounge. Hope you have a better day today.


Hi yea I'm doing that to keep them moving lol have a good day X


So glad your home Tracey! I'm sure you're so glad to be with your family.

Take care - if you're not sure if you're ok until Tuesday then phone your GP.

(If one of your calves is swollen&red as well as painful then you'd need to go to GP/A&E as might be a clot from immobility but hopefully its cramps & will ease.

Hope you continue to get better & better!


Hi thanks for that I think it's just due to not being very mobile last week (touch wood ) but I will keep an eye on it


Have posted a reply to you Tracey as a post. I was writing a reply and everything just disappeared! Soon as I posted to say that and write my reply as a post everything came back. I wonder is the Internet damp lol. Having a few problems today!

Take care




Hi yea our internet bad here as well keep going off and going on


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