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Hello, I've been diagnosed with adult onset asthma. I've been dealing with this for a year. I've been to the doctor practically every week and every time I go he prescribes me more inhalers that are not working. I've had pneumonia twice dealing with it right now. I can't walk two feet without getting out of breath and constantly miss work every week. I'm tired of taking all this poison because it's just making me worse. I decided to stop going to the doctor to be prescribed more meds that don't work so I went to a holistic doctor and the all natural herbs he prescribed is working and I've only been on them for a day along with a change of diet. No milk, wheat or sugar. These are the meds he prescribed for me core berberine blend, drainage tone, bacteria-cord,parotid pmg and digestive enzymes mf90. Thanks I hope this helps everyone.

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Hi Lisalewis please be careful you cannot mess with asthma. I was diagnosed with asthma late last year at 74 and began to think my doc was my best friend the amount of times I went. Antibiotics to start with then steroid tablets then different inhalers until he got me sorted out, at one time I did not think I would make it but I had complete faith in my go. Now my asthma is balanced yes I get puffy and tired but I am doing fine

For go please read gp this dang machine never puts down what I write :-)

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Hi Lisa

I'm really glad you have found something that worked for you. I agree with starveycat that you shouldn't mess with it & the inhalers & drugs we use are, for many of us genuine lifesavers.

Finding a cure within 24 hours feels rather miraculous!


Spot on...I was trying to be diplomatic but you've hit the nail on the head; I think if someone sees progressive improvement over time through eating this or that, it's of interest, but to suggest a near cure in 24 hours seems somewhat far fetched.

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