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Out of steroids for a flare up. What to do?

I recently had a flare up last week. I visited my gp on Friday she prescribed me steroids for 5 days. I am currently on the last day of steroids and I still don't feel any better. Do I go back to the gp tomorrow or visit the emergency care clinic at the hospital? She said either get back in contact with them or visit the hospital if it gets worse. I'm still finding it hard to breathe and walk around my house. I just feel lethargic and unable to complete any of my normal tasks.

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Personally I would phone your gp and get their advice good luck ♥

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Thank you for your reply ❤️


Can't understand you only being given steroids for 5 days. Apart from needing more for your flare up you will also need steroids to slowly wean yourself off them. You shouldn't just stop taking them, you need to reduce them slowly.


Go see your GP and demand that you are given another set of steroids and a referral to a specialist. A few years back I was in the similar situation. GP wasn't much use, and it wasn't until my fifth serious attack and visit to intensive care in A&E that I was referred to a specialist.

Since that time I had been on steroids for 30 months and had to take a daily (dosage varied between 5-20mg). as well as the daily dosage to stop the attacks, I also had steroids stored in several locations in case I had a surprise attack - my wallet, work desk, car etc.... When you are serious risk it is just not worth not having steroids close by.

Saying all that. In the last two weeks I have seen a massive improvement in my asthma. I haven't taken a steroid in over two weeks. The first time for 2.5 years! Although it is early days yet, I am sure this down to the fact I have removed all dairy from my diet. I have also stopped eating meat but not sure if this would mpact my asthma as much as the dairy.

Hope this helps.



I have been advised to have emergency supply of steroids and anti biotics in case of a flare up, feel better to know they are at hand x


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