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I was diagnosed with asthma when i was 18 months old, i had on average two severe attacks a year that usually led to hospitalization but it was manageable. When i turned 18 i was a normal guy into sports and going out with my friends then my asthma went down hill massively, i am under the Royal Brompton and have been since i was a child as my asthma is so severe and i was put on a daily maintenance dose of 60mg of oral prednisilone in addition to all the inhalers. When i was 22 i had a respiratory arrest and was in an induced coma for 3 days, not that i can remember much of that night or the week after it though. I was still on the maintenance dose of 60mg and was having around 100 attacks a year, this carried on for 3 years. I had a bronchial thermoplasty 2 years ago and it caused me to go into HDU with a collapsed lung although i was in the Brompton so knew i was in the best possible place. On sunday i turn 26 and have a baby due and am getting married in may, i never thought this possible but the thermoplasty has changed my life, im still on the daily pred but i have something resembling a quality of life and i cannot thank the Brompton and the NHS enough

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So pleased to hear your life has turned round and life is looking good . hope all goes well with the baby, what a magic thing to look forward to. PS I love wedding cake :-) :-) :-)


It is great to know someone who has had the bronchial thermoplasty. I didn't know anyone had had it here in the UK. Glad to hear that things are going well for you. Good Luck with the baby and I wish you well in your married life,




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