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Asthma cough

Hi all

So this is my first post in this forum.

I think I have quite mild asthma; I take my steroid inhaler twice in a morning and twice at night and that usually means I'm OK. But recently I've started a new exercise regime. I'm not the fittest and have often been scared to do intense cardio, but I did 30 mins on the treadmill the other day and I' since then I've had an awful cough! It's a tickly cough and feels like I've got something in my throat. Is that normal and to be expected? If so, has anyone got any recommendations as to how to manage it?

Many thanks!!!

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Hello Bexxiie,

similar to you I have 'mild' asthma, although it is a type called Cough Variant Asthma. So I had the peak-flow changes low in morning/good at night, was put on Symbicort (since I am allergic to Ventolin). Be aware that some steroids actually have a side-effect of coughing as well.

In terms of exercise I find that certain exercises in certain conditions will trigger a cough, very humid conditions (swimming/rowing/or in a sweaty gym), also if the exercise is very exertive. So I have found that cycling (no lycra or world record attempts here!) and in the past jogging were OK for me - I managed a 1/2 marathon 3 years ago and cycled 50 miles from Brecon to Cardiff this summer. But of course everybodys' asthma treat them differently - a quick google shows that David Beckham is asthmatic, it just needs to be checked and managed

I would see if your symptoms settle down again, and if certain conditions cause the coughing or as all people will advise here is to chat with your asthma nurse about which exercise would be good for your particular condition.

Good luck and hope that your cough is gone soon. Don't give up on the sport - if it was your first serious gym session for some time, even non-asthmatics will have some sort of reaction to the new regime.



Hi & welcome to the forum.

It sounds as though you are starting from a position of well controlled asthma but I agree with Mark that sometimes things can spark it off. There might be more straightforward explanations, eg you have a mild virus or that there's something other than asthma going on, but I think the obvious thing to do is wait & see if it settles down then have another go & see what happens.

Obviously if it doesn't settle go see your doctor.

Have you taken any peak flow readings at all?

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To take a relieving deep breath without an inhaler, try acupressure. Press on a point between your nose and upper lip and deep breathing is promoted. A natural spray. See video on youtube

and then make a stiff upper lip in the literal sense a habit. Rid me of my allergy to cats. I was in a room for hours with 3 cats and was not affected. Ask your doctor about this. All the best.

R. Friedel

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Hi. Do you remember to rinse your mouth out or drink water after taking inhalers ? or try using a spacer device to stop medication hitting back of throat.

You could also try taking you reliever inhaler just before exercise. Hope this helps.

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