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Too much happening

Hi there everyone

Wanted to find out a bit more, if anyone has had similar to me.

My asthma so been all over the place for twelve months.

On lots of meds. Finally got referral to asthma specialist. On Wednesday I have breathing tests, then she dr on the Thursday.

On top of the asthma haven't felt ell for about six weeks. Have a temperature, aches and horrible pains in my legs. Had a blood test last to see if I have an infection. See GPs for results tomorrow.

I try to keep cheerful, but I'm si tired.

My p flow is droping from personal best of 550 to 450. Or 470. Can't get it higher despite about 8 puffs of ventolin , Seretide 4 puffs twice a day and Montelukast.

Has anyone else had this. Feel really tight chested, and a slight wheeze at night some times.


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Wow wish my peak flow was as good as yours so jealous, my best was 420 but sadly now down to 370 and like you I am not good at moment and am having a battle with the doctors, currently on 7day course of steroids but they don't seem to be helping and already had antibotics. Chest very tight indeed feels like I have a concrete block attached and have been waking up with wheezing through the night also. I am currently on Fostair 4 puffs which did work at the beginning a year ago and also now on ventolin as many as I need too. I'm back next week to see doctor so the battle will commence, I was running 3 times a week before all this started so am started to get very frustrated indeed. Good luck with everything and hope you get it sorted.


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