Good morning everyone well the night has been quiet a good one I was so tired the nurse had to wake me up to take my last tablets last night I was so tired couldn't keep eyes open but have slept till 5 then needed nebuliser as coughing and puffing but ok again for now but have pain in my left hip and thigh so having a job to move about get the pain killers in and hopefully they will help just had first lot of the hydrocortisone put through so all ready for what they chuck at me today have a good everyone and hope u all have a good one and again thank u all for ur support been a big help while I lie in this hospital bed

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  • Good morning Tracey happy you managed to get some rest last night. I always feel you can cope better in the day if you have managed a bit of sleep. Sending you supportive hugs♥♥♥

  • Hi yea I did thank u better than the night before but with the fibro I feel worse for it u never really feel refreshed but hopefully when I get moving about showered etc might b bit more human or as human as I can get lol have a great day

  • Too right I love my morning showers haven't had a bath in ages have a good day .♥

  • Good morning

    I hope you have a better day today and don't need your nebuliser to much. I had to use mine twice this week because they told me the weather is damp and that changes the way we breath.


  • Hi thanks having it every 4 hours still at the moment can't do with out it sometimes before yea I find the weather makes a big difference have a good day

  • Good morning Tracey,

    Glad to hear you got a bit of sleep at last, hopefully thats a sign you're on the mend. Hope you get to go home soon xx

  • No I'm here for a week I'm afraid on iv so not going far for a while

  • Hi Tracy good morning hope your feeling better to day then yesterday, I think that use to make me laugh when I was last in hospital was when they woke you up to give you a sleeping tablet. I used to laugh my head of take care hope you soon recover get well your friend Alan ♥:-)

  • Hi thanks for that it's so true I nodded off and decided to come and wake me for neb but I did sleep better have a good day my friend

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