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Hi all not to bad a day just very tired hopefully get some sleep tonight as last night got none on last neb of the evening now needed it very breathless tonight had to get nurse to give me it early not due till 10 but couldn't wait no longer il have painkillers at 10 then off to sleep got job to keep eyes open but just gave me the hydrocortisone evening lot so don't know that will keep me awake as on high dose second lot today fingers crossed have a good night everyone thank u for all ur lovely kind words means a lot to me u r very nice people on here

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I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight.

Take care


Hope you get some sleep tonight. look after yourself.


It sounds like there's some movement in the right direction...take care & sleep well.


hi Tracy you look after yourself take care whilst your in hospital and for a speedy recovery as well you will be in my thoughts and prayers speak to you again your friend Alan xx


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