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Such a never ending cycle

My consultant said if my PF was stable for a few days in a row I could start attempting to wean down the preds.

So I had a few good days, I wasn't going to be running any marathons anytime soon but I could actually have a conversation without getting out of breath from the talking and winding up sounding like darth Vader.

Take one less pred yesterday so 35 instead of 40, and wake up in the night like a set of bag pipes and peak flow dropped to 60% and this morning after all relievers etc all night it's not much better.

So fed up. It's more and more apparent this is just how my life is now. Just a never ending cycle if feeling pants from asthma or pants from preds and all the other medication.

All I want to do is be able to do the stuff with my kids I used to instead of sitting on the sidelines so often, go to work, and dance again. I just constantly let my family, friends and work colleagues down and I hate it. I feel so useless, like some days I am just pointless because I can literally do nothing. I've always been so active and a hands on kind of person.

Sorry this is such a self indulgent whinge I just need to vent or I worry I might go crazy. I don't want to worry or upset my friends and family or moan on at them anymore than I already do. I know I could be a lot worse off.

Think I'm going to take the kids to the coast today and get some fresh air. Clear away all the negativity and keeping the 2 monkeys occupied at the same time.

Thanks for reading ;-)

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Very interesting with regards to magnesium I do take a multivitamin . I'm new to forum. Have had asthma many years but seem to be suffering more and more each Autumn/winter change of season, also after having a cold. Suffering 3 weeks, had antibiotics now on steroids last 5 days and seems to be slow in kicking in. I pray for a better sleep tonight and that tomorrow I turn the cnr. I will try magnesium, anything to help.



Sorry youre feeling so frustrated we all get like that.

You didnt ask and you dont deserve to have asthma, its not your fault. You clearly have time for other people and when youre well you give your time to them, now your ill just accept their help.

Your family love you and are happy to just be around you.

I hope you make it to the coast, have a great day. :-)


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