Just. To let everyone know I'm ok I wired up like a Xmas tree still puffing nebs every 4 hours ventolin and atravent and IV hydrocortisone I'm floating but still very breathless walking to the loo next door to me nearly kills me it's not going to beat me said I have something at the bottom of my right lung a patch think infection going to keep an eye on it they have spoke to the Brompton hospital in London a nod desisted between them what to do so I'm here in the ruh bath for approximately 10!days what fun but thank u all for ur kind words

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  • Good luck & keep fighting!!

  • Thanks will do off to sleep now or try night sleep tight

  • Keep your chin up were all here for you.

  • Keep strong within, we are all here for you..sending gentle hugs..Helen x

  • I hope all the medications the hospital are giving you helps soon

  • Good luck keep your chin up and take it easy

  • Get well soon x

  • Morning Tracey its good to hear you are keeping your spirits up. Sending supporting cuddles ♥♥♥

  • Hi thanks for them cuddles need them at the moment very tired need to try and get sleep but not looking good at the moment in here to noisy I just put my ear phones in and listen to my music and relax I got some books to read to keep me amused and my daughter coming out lunch time so that will b nice

  • Yea I will there pretty good at that brought my copy with me as well I got from gp

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