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Has anyone tried Ganoderma Lucidum Mycelium?

Like a lot of Asthmatics I have really struggled recently with my breathing, a friend recommended taking Ganoderma Lucidum Mycelium, I tried it (i'm stil on the tablets at the moment) and after a few days my chest felt less pressure and while i'm still a little bit wheazy i feel loads better.

I needed a nebuliser two weeks ago but when i rang 111 they told me i would have to wait 6 hours for an appointment at the hospital (it was 5pm at night and the doctors wasn't open), i couldn't go because i had a 4 year old to put to bed and i was on my own.

felt completely let down by the service and the doctors didn't even give me steroids to help build up my lungs, i had to take three days off work.

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Hi ,

I've heard about reishi mushrooms but never taken - where did you get them and how long have you been taking?



I do not know where he got them from, he sells healthy coffee and tea so I am assuming it came from the same place but I am not sure - I am not selling it :)

I googled it and you can get it for about £11 online, I have been taking it since last Wednesday, the person who gave it to me was actually my personal trainer and he refused to train me last week because I could not breathe properly.

I genuinely feel a lot better and the anxiety of worrying about my asthma (which then causes an attack) has gone because i'm not so tight chested.


Hi , how is it going? Any improvement ? I also started taking reishi mushrooms but cannot see any improvement yet


Huge difference

My chest feels totally different and I'm only using my inhaler before sports now as a precaution

I'm not using it for wheezing or as part of my morning/evening routine


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