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Daughter has referral to hospital

Hi my 3 yr old daughter has been referred to hospital now for consultant led care, can anyone tell me what to expect?

She's been having a really rough ride at the minute, just finishing an 8 day course of pred, had another one only two weeks ago so I'm really worried about the amount of steroids she's having. She's on seretide but she's still struggling with that so hopefully will get sorted now.

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My son spent a long time getting treatment from a consultant due to early asthma. It's nearly 20 years ago now though, so I'm guessing things might have changed somewhat, but my recollection of it was that they spent most of the time talking through his symptoms, developing management plans, helping us to understand trigger points for calling 999 (which we had to do a couple of times), getting to GP, etc.

We spent some time with nurses learning how to administer the inhalers most effectively to a small child. Memory fades a bit but it was a supportive process in a very child-friendly environent (he actually used to look forward to going thanks to a couple of favourite toys in the waiting area).

At such a young age I think the consultant will want to find the right medication & non-medical strategies to stop this turning into a lifelong issue (or at least any more than it needs to be).

I'm a bit out of date though as this was a long time ago, so it would be good if you could update with what they do as I know a lot of parents of small children ask similar questions here.

Good luck :)


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