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advice please

hi all I am new to this but my little girl has asthma she is only 5 years old and she is rushed in to hospital every few week as her inhalers don't always work and my GP won't changer her inhalers as they are all steroid based I was thinking of getting her a nebuliser but the GP and hospital say not to but then she goes in to hospital all they do is put her on a nebuliser 4 hourly I really don't know what to do

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Hi mammycool you might find a call to the helpline will help you 08001216244 and as djc2 says a spacer will help her take the drugs properly. It is very worrying when your child is so I'll, my eldest suffered so much as a child but now she runs3 miles every morning before work :-):-)


Hi, im so sorry to hear your little girl has been poorly and im very surprised at your GP's attitude. I agree with Starveycat, do speak with the helpline. They are so supportive and can advise professionally the best way forward.. Im sure it wont be long before your daughter is running around with the correct advice. Wishing your daughter better quickly..Helen x


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