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Relax your shoulders.

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Hi all, want to pass on something i have found to be very helpful in improving my breathing namely i keep my shoulders relaxed but i have to do it all the time because asthma is a chronic condition which means ongoing/continuous so to combat it i have to relax my shoulders all the time. I have found my breathing is deeper and i am less stressed while i do it 😊. At first my deeper breathing loosened the phlegm on my chest which then made my breathing feel tight again but once i brought up the phlegm my symptoms have improved greatly😊. asthma is my default status as it were so i am trying to replace that default status with relaxed shoulders default status and i have also found that the continuous relax order i send to my shoulders also relaxes the rest of my body. Hope this helps.

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Hi Snick2049i do tai chi used to do it in the garden but now too cold but that really eases the tension, even just thinking about the moves I make when I feel rough and cannot do it helps ..:-) :-) :-)

Hi, Look up buteyko breathing helps me when I'm having symptoms. I going to start a support group here in my area that don't know about this technique.

let me know if you tried it or if it helps you if you decide to try it.

take care,


I agree, I do ballroom and Latin (well actually I don't at the moment but hopefully once this is back under control I will again) and am always being told to relax my shoulders for my posture but one day I realised the positive effect doing this had when I struggled to breathe.

Now if I'm struggling It's part of the routine I have in my head to try and help me. (Tie up my hair, take off scarf etc, relax shoulders, try and sit straight) this may sound a little odd but I go quite into my own head when I have an attack and I have these little things to think about do I don't panic.

I find if nothing else it relaxes me and makes me less tense I regularly find I check myself while on Nebs etc as my shoulders creep up without me realising! It's a small thing but to me it makes a difference and it's something on my body I can do and control which I think helps just as much.

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snick2049 in reply to cconsta1

Hi cconsta1

I'm glad it helps but i think it's something we have to do all the time because to really benefit from it. Good luck !☺

I do ballet and Pilates, both of which teach you to relax your shoulders. I would recommend both to asthmatics.

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