So fed up

I have asthma & bronchitis. 5 weeks of coughing. Had predisolone, inhalers. Montelukast. 2 lots antibiotics. Xray showed all ok. Bloods fine. Changed from brown inhaler to pink fostair. And docs given me omeprazole? I'm confused no heartburn nothing. Don't understand why I've been given these anyone else tried this?? I have 2 docs saying 2 diff things. Still coughing. But fostair needs time yet admitting. Back n chest hurting. Sorry for the long words I'm just confused and nobody is telling me much.

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  • they just said it might be causing the cough thats all. just dont get why they have gone from asthma and chest infections to heatburn tablets.

  • Sometimes acid can give you a cough give omprezole a try it works on some coughs. Are you under a consultant for anything? You may not feel acid but it could be burning top of your airways and giving you a cough. Acid can irritate airways.

  • just asthma and bronchitis. had no heartburn no acid nothing.

  • I take Omeprazole as well, when you lie down, or bend down, stomach acid can make it's way up the food pipe to the top of the throat, the acid can then trickle down the air pipe and cause irritation and coughing. This usually happens when in bed.

    Omeprazole stops the stomach making so much acid so less leaks.

    It can be a bit more complicated, hiatus hernia can be involved and other things, but that's a simple explanation.

    You have to give it a try for a while, the doc. is thinking that acid reflux may be a problem and is treating you for it. If it makes no difference in a couple of weeks the doc. will no doubt try something else.

    I am just a sufferer like everyone else, doctors know best, (sometimes :-) )


  • thankyou weston2. but i honestly have nothing like this. no suffering heartburn etc.. i understand they are trying but i have 2 doctors dictating what is going on. one is saying the bronchitis is bringing asthma on the other is saying the asthma is bringing the bronchitis on. but in the meantime i am suppose to take these tablets for acid lol. sorry for going on about it all guys you have all been great i just get worried.

    thanks to all my replys xx

  • Just to point out

    If it is acid irritating your airways you will not feel heartburn or acid.

    All you will get is a cough. If you have a cough you could have secret acid.

    I never get heartburn, indigestion yet I get a cough from acid.

    Try omprezole

    Give it a chance!

  • Yeah I will do. Thanks for replying. . It does help when ppl reply as u feel so daft not knowing. Thank you x

  • If you have a persistent cough, it can be due to a number of things, including silent reflux. The acid can irritate your throat and make you cough, especially when you are lying down. You often don't get any other symptoms like burning. So it's often worth a trial of omeprazole.

  • I will try it but for years it's always been asthma/bronchitis. Bronchitis I was coughing for 3 months. But thanks yeah I will try them.

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