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Getting over an asthma attack

Im new to this forum and i has a 999 attack on Sunday, now on prednisolone 40g still breathless and no energy - is this normal. When am i likely to feel better i have a horrible cold too :(

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Hi Kazley, im Helen, im so sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. You have been through such alot. It does take a little while for Prednisolone to properly kick in..i know its hard but try and be gentle with yourself until your chest feels easier and your energy levels return..wishing you a speedy recovery..sending best wishes..Helen x

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Hi Kazley,

Sorry to hear you've not been well.

It's normal to still be feeling run down, however you should feel like the breathlessness has turned a corner within 48hours of starting steroids. If not you need to get reassessed by a doctor (same day).

It can take a while to get back to not being breathless at all & to get energy back. Hope it's not too much longer :)


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