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Uncontrolled Asthma

Dear All

I have suffered from asthma for 25 years ,and it has always been well controlled with Ventolin and Seretide 250 which was changed to Seretide 500 accuhaler but the dry powder aggravated my chest.

I gave up smoking in August 2013 and I have never felt worse tbh. I was in hospital in April 2014 with pneumonia and was on drips on magnesium, steroids and antibiotics. Since being discharged from hospital I am at my GP every 6-8 weeks with recurring chest infections. My breathing is becoming so bad that it crackles and pops and wheezes constantly. Some days are better than others, some days my chest feels "wet and loose" and others it feels really dry to cough.

I have been referred 4 times to the lung function clinic at my hospital and they prescribed theophylline Montelukast 10mg and Fostair 100/6.

I have had chest xrays and spirometer tests with allergy and sputum tests and are all coming back with normal results. I am currently waiting for a CT Scan and blood test results so will hopefully know more after these.

I had to stop taking the Fostair as it was making me feel terrible with gassy breathing and constantly coughing. I am back on the Seretide 250.

My asthma nurse, GP and hospital consultant all contradict each other and Im at my wits end.

Has anyone else encountered any problems similar? I feel so alone, scared, and desperate and worried I will end up in hospital again (I am a single parent so my kids rely on me and I hate to put others out asking for help)

Thank you for reading x

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Hey no way are you on your own. Life is hard enough for a single parent without the health problems you are having. Have you phoned the helpline they will probably be able to give you some advice and help. I cannot offer you any advice about your health problems only wish I could, but hopefully someone will be along soon who can help. Sending you gentle cuddles ♥♥♥

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Thank you for the cuddles starveycat, you brought a lovely tear to my eye xx


Hi, im Helen, we are all here for you, as Starveycat said, you are not alone. Hospitals, Doctors and asthma nurses have this knack of always contradicting each other and it can be really frustrating. Maybe your doctor would consider increasing your steroids until the chest settles? Do you have a nebulizer? (Some Doctor surgeries or hospitals can loan these). Sending heaps of 'feel easier best wishes' and gentle hugs..Helen x


My asthma was under control with Seretide 100 and then they decided to change my inhalers saying Seretide had too many side effect which I never got. I have been on Qvar 100, Fostair 100 and a couple of others and none of them worked as well as Seretide. I can truly understand how scared you feel and also being given conflicting advice from the medical profession as they are good at that! I now get horrible palpitations and feel shaky with these other inhalers which I never got with Seretide but they still won't let me go back on Seretide. As the others said - you are not alone and we care. Lots of love and hugs xx


Thank you all for taking the time to reply and giving me the confidence to know that I am not alone (despite it feeling this way) I feel like I am just mithering my GP all the time, and they will think it's all in my head! Going to brave it and make another appointment though now, they WILL listen to me. I'm sick of being pushed about!!!! xx


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