Whats diff in brown and pink inhaler?

Been on brown 100 aerosol inhaler for years did nothing. Just made me cough more. I told them n told them. Hosp trip other day. Docs there said may need changing Ermm ya think. Now on fostair 100/6 pink inhaler. Anyone know the difference? Still coughing. Can't sleep. Pink needs time to wrk admitting. Left me 3 mths to cough last time. Anyone else having these probs?

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  • I'm on Fostair and mine is a combination inhaler.

  • Hi I was told to throw the brown one out and just use the pink. 5weeks now I'm no further on. I know I need to give the pink time but Im constantly coughing it's embarrassing. Does your back ache?

  • I was told the same aswell to throw out the brown and start using the pink and i am coughing now aswell

  • The pink is a combination inhaler. It contains the brown one as the steroid part (beclometasone) plus a long acting bronchodilator (laba) formoterol. Salbutamol only lasts 4-6 hours (saba) - where as the laba's last 12 hours

  • Thanks x

  • So which inhaler is best the pink or the blue? I was given the pink an told two puffs morning An night An brush teeth after use as it deposits chemicals in your mouth

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