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Alcohol during asthma exacerbations

Random question: do you or don't you avoid alcohol during an exacerbation when on Prednisolone & nebulisers etc? (talking about equivalent of 1 small glass of wine in 24 hours rather than binge drinking!)

I get really bad shakes & heart racing from the salbutamol nebs & having a small drink helps take that away. I can't see any drug interactions with alcohol/Prednisolone/salbutamol/ipratropium but was debating with my family it's other effects on the body eg on immune system & was wondering what other's experience was?

Thanks for sharing!

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Not personally had any problems. I occasionally have a bottle of pear cider.

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Personally I would certainly avoid alcohol when taking pred/nebuliser which are serious drugs. In my case alcohol is actually a trigger for asthma.

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