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Another hospital stay

Hi Everyone

I'm on Seretide 250 (2 puffs twice a day) I got cold symptoms so added in Flixotide 250 (2 puffs twice a day) as well as added regular Salbutamol & Atrovent. I'm already on Montelukast and started Prednisolone and antibiotics on the advice of my GP. 2 days later I had to go to A & E twice; sent home the first time after Salbutamol & Atrovent nebs then readmitted same evening for more neb and stayed for 2 nights on the ward. Peak flows were never terrible (70% approx )but the work of breathing was awful. Not sure why this was, I usually have drop in peak flow

Last admission was in February so I'm getting a little annoyed now; and worry about things like money and keeping my job if I'm off sick lots.

I'm already on quite a lot of medication which controls things as long as I don't have an infection but I absolutely lose control when I have an infection.

Anyone else have similar? What works for you?

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Hello - I do get very similar symptoms to yourself whenever I have a cold. It really does suck... the only way I get through it is with prednisolone in the end but even then it takes at least 3 days for me to start to pick up.. are your doctors giving you a high enough dose if you are that bad you are in A&E??

I have been very lucky the past couple of years and I haven't been admitted as I used to do.. I've been to my GP with asthma like yours and GP out of hours at the hospital but I haven't been that bad where I feel as though A&E will make a difference (compared to the past when I was exactly the same as yourself).

Go to your doctor and demand that they are doing all that they can for you!

Hope you get some help soon, lots of love.



I have similar symptoms, i take Montelukast and Symbicort, i can be fine for ages then suddenly start getting wheezy for no reason,it can last a few minutes, day, a week or months. their is never a pattern. I can have a peak flow of 600 and still have breathing problems.

The things that help me most of all are exercise number one, not cardio though, Two, drinking lots of water and a healthy diet.

Three, make sure the house is never damp, moisture can be a big problem. Four, mindset, don't let the illness beat you and use controlled breathing exercises which really helps as it's easy to over breathe when asthma strikes which makes it worse.



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