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Prednisolone - A Whinge!

So I'm currently on a course of prednisalone + antibiotics on top of the usual stuff (inhaler, blood pressure, itraconazole) meaning I have to pop a dozen pills (= half a pint of water) first thing in the morning.

So what I want to know is if I need 40 milli-whatevers, why don't they just make a 40 milli-thingy tablet? Or two 20s? They are stupid tiddly little things that fall on the floor anyway if you have shaky hands so I have to start crawling on my hands & knees searching for the damned things. Can't they just stick a few together & make a bigger one so that I don't have to waste valuable coffee drinking & waking up time?

And they taste vile.

AND I typed this message once already, hit submit & it vanished into nowhere!

Apart from that, all is well :-)

Yours faithfully

Grumpy of West Yorkshire

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Too right, I take thyroxine and they are tiny, and my main whinge is puffers why cannot they have a measure so you know how many puffs you have used come the revolution we will sort it all out :-) :-) :-)


They make them in 5mg 2.5mg enteric coated pred and 1mg and 25mg uncoated pred.

Basically, they don't do a standard 40mg one I think because doses vary so much especially with other illnesses treated with pred or people on reducing doses or maintenance dose...

40mg for 5 or 7 days then stopping is usual dose for an asthma flare up. I have been in pred for many years, now steroid dependent and if I have had a flare up where I need 40mg for a couple of weeks I need to tail down the dose every few days back to my maintenance dose.

Hope this answers your query?

You could try popping all 8 pills on a spoon of jam to keep them in once place and swallow the lot?

Used to put foul tasting anti malaria pills on a spoon of marmite years ago..... X

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That is a good tip


Thanks minushabens and starveycat you've given me a right giggle. I do agree about prediwhatsits they are a nightmare. I suppose the clever people that invent these things for us to take don't really think of the taste and logistics of taking them. Not their problem. I've taken a lot in last 3 months so I know exactly what you mean. I dropped 4 on the floor in a cafe. Being worried about children finding them I was down on my knees looking for them. Everyone thought I had lost the plot. X


Cheers Wizzer, I'm glad it made you smile :)

I kind of knew there would be a scientific explanation, but I didn't want it to get in the way of my grumping this morning. Anyway I do like the idea of jam & drugs for breakfast; a great idea!! I have often taken them before but for some reason this batch taste worse than usual. Maybe I could try dissolving them in whisky?

And there's plenty I have in mind come the revolution :D


I have thought that for ages. Especially when you are taking 10 of them. I have to could the little beggars twice just to make sure!

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