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Hi everyone. Hope youre all coping well. I'd like to say what a great set of people I've found on this site. Everyone cares about each other and offers help advice and tips or just a friendly word. All of which make a difference even if its only to one person then it's worth posting. So I'd like to say thank you to everyone from everyone. If that makes on the subject of share I'd like to add something linked to me post struggling in the shower. I found drying with a towel difficult so being a sewer I made a kaftan style robe from 2 bath towels. This made an enormous difference as it dries without the effort of rubbing, I can sit with a cup of tea and rest whilst I dry. A towelling bath robe would do the same thing. I'm all for saving energy on the necessary things in life to put into the enjoyable things in life. Hope you all have a good day.xx

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  • Hi Wizzer I agree about the site all you get is support help and some jolly good laughs , brilliant idea about the bath towels ♥♥♥

  • I'd like to mirror this, being newly diagnosed, and finding the whole thing quite scary, I really really appreciate all the replies and messages of support I've received. It's nice to know I don't have to go through this alone and can ask even the silliest question!

  • Hi butterfly. Please remember no question is silly. If it bothers you, share it, someone will have an answer or a kind supportive kind word. You are not alone. We're all with you and understand. We've probably all been there at some point in our lives.xx

  • Silly questions are fine. It's the silly answers you need to worry about ;-)

  • I would be lost without this site for help and advice. Have a great day everyone

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