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One step forward two back

morning everyone

My asthma has been a problem for about eighteen months.

Now on Seretide, Montelukast, and ventolin. Plus steroid every few weeks.

I had blood clots on my lungs in May this year, and was unwell for a long time with that.

Every time I get to a point where, I can do the normal stuff, like walk, talk, eat, sing exercise without having breathing issues, it all kicks off again. I have just had another course of prednisilone, which has helped, but not sorted it, now on antibiotics for an infection. Can't seem to get off this loop. My go is referring me to respiratory specialist. I've also noticed a day or two before a flare up I get itchy excema on my hands and face. It sure if there is a connection. Nervous about seeing the specialist in case they just dismiss or blame it all on being over weight

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I am sure the specialist will not dismiss your systems . do you perhaps think that when you are feeling well you might be pushing yourself a bit, I know when I have a day when I feel good I just want to do things but the next day I pay for it just be kind to yourself ♥♥♥


Thank you for your reply.

I do push myself. But I was told by blood clot specialist to do so. It's hard to know what is best. It's a hard balance.


I was sorry to hear your news, and i hope you feel better soon. I know its easy to say, but please try not to worry about seeing a specialist, they will not dismiss you, they should support you.

In relation to the excema, I too get excema on hand and face if my chest is having a flare, there is a connection, ive been saying it for years. I know it wont happen for everyone, but it does for me too. You are not alone.

wishing you a happy and gentle day..Helen x


I have had follow up scans for blood clots and they have gone. I have an appointment this afternoon with haematology nurse to get results of a pile of blood test regarding the clot. If my breathing is really bad while I'm there I will go to a and e. There will be a lot of walking so could well affect things.


Sorry to hear your unwell. I was very similar to this especially with 're occurring infections. Since I take two pred a day and a daily antibiotic although still have lots of chest problems infections have cut down drastically. Hope you get the right help I got a fab respiratory nurse in my local hospital x


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