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Getting worse for no obvious reason

Generally well controlled asthma, have a few of the usual triggers. Had my annual asthma review with the nurse and all was well, she was happy - that was in July.

About two weeks ago I had a sudden asthma attack in the middle of the night, right out of the blue and I know i took my inhaler before bed as usual.

Ever since I've been having trouble - waking at night, tight chest in the morning and throughout the day, coughing.

I've tried to work out what is going on but to no avail. None of my usual triggers, I'm not ill, don't have a chest infection.

What is going on?!


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Phone the helpline or the asthma nurse they should be able to help .♥


Me too. Keep getting ESR blood test but they haven't shown anything yet 😕


Hi Christine

I guess it could be all sorts. Has anything changed recently in your home or workplace? New pet, cleaning or washing products, decorating?? It does sound a bit as though you might have had an exposure to something that created a violent trigger.

Is the cough dry or productive? If it's productive you could ask for a sputum sample to see if any nasties are in there.

I guess you just have to keep knocking on the surgery door until they get to the bottom of it


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