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Copd And asthma

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. I'm looking forward to chatting to people who have the same condition. Maybe to share information re condition but also to include excersize experience and hobbies.

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Hi Wizzer & welcome :-)

Good morning Wizzer welcome to the site :-) :-) :-)

Hi, Welcome to here. I have brittle asthma and bronchiectasis and sport was my life but not anymore.

Excerise was a massive part of my life but now I struggle to do it. As I was always competitive and would push through tiredness etc I found once my chest got bad I was still trying to push through feeling bad but this was doing me no good at all.

My consultant suggested I get a fit bit activity tracker so I can monitor what I am doing and I have a limit on the amount of steps and active minutes I am allowed to do so it stops me pushing myself over the edge. It is still new but working not to bad just now!

i too have what they now call COPD which in my case is what used to be called Chronic Bronchial Asthma. My problem as well as the asthma is constant chest infections which need anti-biotics almost all of the time. oh yes it improves whilst im taking them but within a couple of days of the course ending it comes back with horrible vengeance. I am 70 years of age in January and have had asthma since i was 6 months old would you believe, maybe i have just been lucky to live so long!

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johnsmith in reply to tonypne

Talk to the GP about reducing the anti-biotics slowly. The body may have become additive to the anti biotics you take hence the bodies reaction when you come off them.

Something to investigate.

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tonypne in reply to johnsmith



Same as you

All problems aged3

Now 62 -very chronically ill


not good is it. I just seem to be taking antibiotics every other week, just wish they could stop this horrible infection developing in the first place.

Yes, your lucky, but I think you have done well over the years. The problem with antibiotics is that after a while your body becomes immune too it. But if it helps back Sure your gp knows that. Good luck.

Hi nice to meet you. I too have asthma and copd. x

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hello yes its not good, yet when i was a lad i thought i was the only person in the world with asthma. its got to be something to do with how we are brought up in the workplac etc.

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Ha ha not me Tony, mine was triggered off by smoking many years ago. x

Hi everyone what a lovely welcome. I feel I'm already amongst friends. I have been asthmatic more or less from birth. I was hospitalised with pneumonia twice before age 4 years. Breathing has always been a struggle and caused many restrictions for me. My peak flow is usually around 250. 5 years ago at the age of 65 I was diagnosed with copd.:-) I take spiriva seretide and a nasel spray twice a day. For the last 3 months I have had antibiotics and prednisilone week on week off and I'm just beginning to feel a bit better. I frequently get told copd is a smokers disease and implications that I brought it on myself. This makes me very angry because it is not true as I'm not a smoker and never have been. Does anyone else get this reaction.

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tonypne in reply to Wizzer

i do! i too have never smoked and every doctor etc that i see says "how long have you smoked?" and i say never, and i dont think they believe me.

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Minushabens in reply to tonypne

I have been toying with the idea of getting "I have never smoked" tattooed across my forehead I get so weary of being asked. I do occasionally get those "are you sure" looks from people. Perhaps fortunately one of the few helpful things my childhood GP did for me (in & amongst saying inhalers were bad for children) was to tell me that if I ever started smoking I would die soon after. Anyway that's how the health service worked in the 1960s & it did the trick for me :-)

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tonypne in reply to Minushabens

ha ha briliant

The COPD - is this via smoking?

How old are you?


im 70 in january and never smoked or worked down a mine!

never smoked one cig in my life. im 70 in january

totally correct - the amount of times the Dr says - how many a day do you smoke - - awful - disrespectful - I HAVE NEVER SMOKED A CIG IN MY LIFE


It's good to know I'm not the only one who gets that reaction. I do wish the public understood that maybe smokers do get copd but not all people with copd are smokers.

Hello I'm june I was diagnosed copd in April and finding it hard to cope as a hear so many different stories about it my gp is not very helpful and I have not got anyone I can talk to i have family but they seem to think if they ignore it it will go

Hi June sorry to hear you don't seem to be getting any support. If you can get hold of information about your condition maybe you could pass it around for people to read about your condition. You will be support advice, from personal experiences, and friendship on this site. Ash any question and someone is sure to be able to answer. Best wishes

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