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Hya guys! I hope that there's not a limit on how many questions or posts you can post. If there is can someone let me know.

Can anyone tell me the inhalers they use for copd, my dad has copd and emphysema. Previous to his hospital admission (2 weeks ago admission for lung infection and acidosis) he was using a purple pump, a round inhaler but you put a tablet in and inhale the powder and a ventolin pump (sorry I don't know the medical name) a months prescription gives him 1 purple, 1 round and 2 ventolin. Some months (particularly hot months) he would struggle to make his ventolin inhaler last the 4 weeks, then panic and stress incase he runs out completely before he can reorder his prescription. Since the hospital he's been using his ventolin inhaler probably 2 puffs every 30 mins to 45 mins. He's still using the purple and round pump as recommended and is on 0.5 lpm oxygen but should they have changed his inhaler? His condition has obviously decreased, I was going to ring the gp Monday morning and have him come to the house. Is the gp the best person to ask? Thanks again

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Speak with the COPD nurse at the Drs surgery. They know a lot more about inhalers and will hopefully help your dad.


Hi Mellisa87,

Sorry I cannot help you with advice on inhalers, but do give 'hellenann12' a Private Message (and also mention my name,) he is on the BLF (British Lung Foundation,) site here on Health Unlocked, (he will not mind at all,) he has cured his wife on her death bed, of Emphysema and his Doctor is actually on board with it as it can be only down to these simple vitamins, (yet Doctors will tell you there is no cure for Emphysema,) he is trying to get the word out about curing his wife. 170 people are now on board and it is helping many using these simple vitamins. He does not charge for his advice, just happy to get it networked out, to help others. Everyone is different, so not saying this will work for all.

My husband with Asthma all his life is on the same vitamin medication and has now stopped his asthma medication saying he feels he no longer needs it, which in turn has cured his terrible night cramps his Doctor could not work out and cure.

My Mum who has mild COPD is also on the same medication and her breathing is far better.



You can buy ventolin over the counter from asda, without prescription. It costs about £5 , you do need to have a word with the chemist, but if they are happy you have had it before, its straightforward enough.

Do a quick google search and there is a fair bit written about it... You can also buy from tesco pharmacy and superdrug as well as online.

Suggest you get a couple of spares in.... Or ask the doc for a couple?

Xx. G

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