I suffer from ASTHMA since the age of 8 .Now I am 58 and Asthma is not well controlled & keeps me troubling on daily basis.I regularly take (1)SERETIDE INHALER 2 puffs twice a day,(2)ONE SINGULAIR TABLET 10 mg daily,(3) 300 mg Theophylline daily divided into Morning and evening doses ,(4) Atrovent Inhaler 2 puffs thrice a day.

In addition to above I sometimes need to take VENTOLIN INHALER & Additional dose of Theophylline.

Inspite of all the above I normally feel discomfort in breathing in the second half of the day.

Any patient or a doctor reading my above question may suggest or advise please.

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  • Quite a moderate regime, no nebuliser, no prednisone. Have you had your theophylline levels assessed, as you may not be receiving a therapeutic dose, there is no point in taking it, if the levels in your system fall below a certain level, plus, never heard of taking one dose 675mg, and an occasional second dose. To point is to maintain a continuous therapeutic level in the system, not an occasional boost. I take 3 (675mg), twice a day

    I was in ROYAL BROMPTON for 10 days continuous, 24 hour day IV amnophylin, which they kept at highest level, without it going toxic, which it did once, not very pleasant.

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    No GP has ever advised me Theophylline level assessment & I have heard it for the first time.Can u pls further guide me on this topic & any further advice

  • This is very good advice

  • I would suggest asking your practice nurse for a spirometry test to more fully assess your lung function. There is probably scope to increase your seretide, as the previous comment suggests scope to adjust your theophylline and atrovent could be switched to a more effective long acting version. In addition to this ask your practice nurse for a referral to pulmonary rehabilitation - this will teach you various useful breathing exercises as well as increase your general

    Fitness levels, which are often a cause of ongoing breathlessness. I hope this helps.

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    There is no pulmonary rehabilitation clinic where i live.i can look into & search for more effective long acting bronchodilator.I request u to pls write me their names.Moreover if u can give me some good internet site or reference for learning breathing exercises.

  • Hi Mohsin, the alternative long acting versions of atrovent would be either: Spiriva, Eklira, Seebri or Incruse - each come in a different device so you would need to ask your PN to show you them so you could make sure you can use the device correctly. If you can't access pulmonary rehab then a gentle walking program will help, slowly increasing the distance you go each week. If you search for things like active cycle of breathing technique, diaphragmatic breathing, pursed lip breathing, these will all help - I believe the BLF incorporates these within their COPD self management booklet. I hope that helps. X

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    Really thankful for your valuable advice. Pls give me little time to enquire abt the medication you referred and the breathing exercises. Hope this will help me.

  • No I don't drink or smoke.Not very fond of sugary foods but yes I do take processed food.Blood pressure is mildly high for which I take regular medication.

  • You are getting older 50 yrs is Asthma and Broncitus will now be taking its toll - you are wearing out - you need a full MOT

    I'm 61 had all my symptoms since the age of 3

    I would say your treatment needs a full respiratory consultant review to balance out your Med's

    It seems you need more cover into the afternoon's and Evening

    You may have been in some standard Med's for too long and need a fresh look

    Don't leave it too late !!!

    Best Wishes. Johnrr

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    Since I live in underdeveloped place but we have pulmonologist so I will consult him for medications. Yes u r right that I need extra medication in afternoon.

    Rgds for ur valuable input

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