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Hello from me!


I've just noticed this area having recently moved over from the old AUK forum, I have to say I'm rather impressed. It's nice to have a somewhere fresh but be able to see all the old stuff to.

So I'd best introduce myself: I'm Lol, I'm 23 (so I must have been a member for at least ten years, I joined AUK when I was learning the kids aren't so nice at secondary school! ) If you hadn't already guessed I have asthma and I like to chat. I was diagnosed at the age of 6 and was a very mild asthmatic until my late teens.

I sat in the doctors one day expecting another normal asthma review with the asthma nurse. My appointment wasn't with the nurse instead the GP who ran the asthma clinic. Looking back my asthma was a lot worse than before, but I'd adapted to it and accepted it as normal, I went in thinking I'd get a thumbs up off you go for another year, as it had been for as long as I could remember. So it was a shock to be told things had got so bad if I carried on I'd be looking at irreversible damage, I can still see his face when he told me how bad things had got I was uncontrolled and very persistent.

Over the last few years, lots of testing, meds changes, help and support. I'm managing better, but still persistent! I'm reviewed every three months, And I still get ultra freaked out when I hear the words if this doesn't work/improve, I'll be referring you to.... (Insert name of dreaded local hospital!)

In short that's my story!

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a big welcome to you from me bigalan

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Hellooooo! Nice to see some more familiar names popping up - It is quite nice over here isn't it! I have to admit the part of me that doesn't like change was very - 'but I don't want a new forum'!

Love & hugs



Hey, yes I've started noticing some old names popping up! The change to the forum has been great, I'd got a little fed up with the spam on the old forum and it was becoming alien from the helpful and friendly place it was when I first joined all those years ago! Go Change !!

Hugs to you too


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Welcome Lol. Hope you are having a good day today?


Hello, spent the day exclaming "but how can it already be the 1st of September " as they say time flies when your having fun!

L xx


Hi, lil_tinx. You'll know me as GM from Asthma UK.

Gave up on that forum. Once it changed the format, no longer the same friendly place.


GrannyMo that is.


Thanks! It's good to see familiar faces, even if under different names! I do know you from the old fo um. Yes I'd lost interest int eh old site as I've said in other comments above and as you've said too it lost its friendliness. It wasn't the same place I joined!


Think the best people took up their tents and moved to Facebook. I did, and I know so many others that did likewise.

Lol Few occasions where me and at least one other, nearly got chucked off AUK. The Great Vit D debate, for instance, and Silly folk that tried to blind us with science. 😂


I never pitched my tent on Facebook, I'm not. So my tent has been in limbo until now, but I'm comfy here, do you remember the good old camping thread days?

I think that was a big problem the people that joined to blast us with useless information, some of it was often quite offensive to us too! I got bored of reporting spam too!


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