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How much of Asthma is in the mind ?

Having recently joined I decided to browse posts replies and statements.

Intriguing that there are many who use the words struggling or difficult or tough or words that reinforce asthma and it's conditions.

Has anyone had a situation where they're breathing and mind and thinking is calm and excellent , then something triggers your thought process to remind yourself you have asthma and then immediately your breathing and mind and thinking become difficult and tough and you struggle ?

I'm working on a few things and it is helping me to reduce and I believe remove the crutch of inhalers etc.

Welcome others thoughts on what other mom medical techniques you use to help reduce and improve your breathing?

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I do not know if it is actually helping my severe asthma but I practise tai chi breathing and physical exercises. I also find that tai chi does help to calm me, hope this helps you :-)


Cheers Madame or Sir Starveycat.

Great news on the Tao Chi and I trust it works for you.

I'm actually really good about what I have and it was a general question to all out there.

Have recently qualified as a Hypnotherapy and NLP practitioner and working on myself and others it is amazing how changing words and perceptions changes peoples mindsets.

Keep up the good work!


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No. Can't say that has happened to me. I do know that when I am having an attack my mind probably makes it worse or should I say makes me think it is worse.


Part of the way to lessen an attack and help get better is always to be calm and positive but that is so with many illnesses.


So very true Freefaller, that is why I am so glad I learned tai chi as it really helps to calm me ♥

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Glad you are doing well but I hope you remember this is a serious condition that puts lives at risk.


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