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Brittle Asthma and general anaesthetics


I am brittle asthmatic, steroid dependent, use nebs and oxygen at home, s/c when needed...

I am having an op in October, had a good app with the anaesthetist but feel let down by my asthma consultant... the last few apps with him have not been that productive or reassuring.

Anaesthetist suggested things to do before and what to expect after. Under a general, they can look after my lungs with meds and also he suggested IV magnesium. Also HDU or even ITU bed after as once out of the anaesthetic, the lungs can go splat etc.

Not really been told what to do about Steroid cover either. I have had a chat with a few friends who have had GAs some were OK with the good support, others not so good after etc...

Any sensible advice please? I am assuming everything is going to go OK, and want it to, with the right support.

Many thanks


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What is the operation. All the options I have had I have chosen to have under local to avoid problems with lungs.


The op is laparoscopic removal of an ovarian cyst and other stuff. Therefore not possible with epidural . I did ask.


I was meant to have that a few weeks ago but my local hospitals anaesthetist said it was too risky because of my asthma and they deemed the operation not 100% nessasery as there was more chance I would end up in ITU.

My GP said they should refer me to a specialist hospital to do it not just leave me!

I've got RBH on Wednesday so will see what he says regarding it.

Sorry Kate I've not been much help.

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They are having ITU on standby in case... Hopefully just HDU as a precaution...

I hope you get some better answers at RBH.

I would like this sorted sooner rather than later in case it is something else...xx


Op is going ahead next week, got ECG and lung function tests tomorrow,

HDU bed booked and anaesthetist is going to give me IV magnesium during the anaesthetic. Also upping Pred to 40mg for five days before and after...

Hoping all this will keep the lungs happy.....

thanks for the help folks.


Op postponed the day before as there was no HDU bed free... back to the waiting game now... hopefully soon and hopefully not too many cancellations .... was so, prepared for it all going ahead. Damn these lungs!!!!


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