Hi I have a problem I keep forgetting things I know it sounds daft I'm only 43 but I forget so much stuff and today I forgot to turn the hob off and nearly burnt the saucepan my daughter found it I for get loads of stuff forgot my postcode and when I go into a shop in less I Wright it down I forget but time I get there I have put the dust pan and brush in the freezer went to to out a hot saucepan in the fridge the other day and the butter in the cuppard I told my doctor he done a brain scan a few months back and everything fine he says its just my tablets but I'm very woried about it and the family are just wondered if any one else can help thank you

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  • Why not try a few exercises, you know like writing down the times table or do some spelling, or read a paragraph then try to write down what it is that you have just read, do as many brain exercises as you can without taxing yourself, but most of all get to the doctor.

    Kind regards

    Red mod.

  • I been to doc and they laugh at messy it's the drugs

  • They should not be laughing at you, there is a point to which doctors need to understand what is going on, having memory loss should be a concern to them, you are a patient who needs help, you are not on this planet to be laughed at, if this me I would take this matter up with the BMA, don't let them treat you this way, you are a human being and a very important person.

    Hope you get the help soon.

    Kind regards

    Red mod

  • Hi thanks for that I'm rather worried about it I need to Wright everything down its quit scary I got doctors on the 6th so will mention it again then I'm going to London rbh hospital soon again for treatment so I think I will mention it to them a swell a nod c what they say but thanks f the help

  • Sorry you are having this problem. Time to ask for a second opinion I think.

  • Yea I think so as well it's not funny no more getting worse thanks for ur opinion

  • It's interesting this...I've always had a poor short-term memory. If I go to the shop for 3 things & don't write them down I will forget at least one. So many times I just stand there knowing I've forgotten something, but...

    People have often laughed at me but over time I've started to wonder if there's a connection with asthma; maybe a slight reduction of oxygen to the brain perhaps? I don't know if that's got any scientific basis but I truly can relate to what you describe!

  • That's nice to know it only recently it's started sometimes I look at things and know what it is but can't think of the name of it it's daft. I go into a room to get something and end up doing something else and completely forget what I went in for

  • I do that with names. I have been completely embarrassed at times by being totally unable to recall the name of somebody I have known for years.

    My username on here, 'Minus habens' is Latin for 'absent minded' :-)


  • Oh god dose that ring a bell

  • Tracey your meds can make a mess with your memory or it could be stress & depression your not sleeping very well it could be a mixture of all I hope things get better for you & your family kids make you smile however your feeling take care & don't be hard with yourself. Ray

  • Yea that's true I will speak to the doc again and c what he says but thanks hope u ok have a good night x

  • Is it worth leaving post it notes on different things or putting pictures on the wall to remind you where things belong. Sounds like you have a good family, I would go back to docs and tell them how concerned you are for the safety of your family . Try to do things slowly aswell even other people forget where they put things .

    Take care

  • Hi yea I have a great family who I love dearly me and my daughter who is 22 spend a lot of. Time together more like best fiends the boys do there own things like they do one 17 has anger issues r so he like to left to his own devises and my other one 26 who live on his own but comes over regularly and helps out as well there great

  • hi tracey1972 i'm 5 years older than you and i've been suffering with memory problems for years i know its getting worse now i'm older its just one of those imperfections that we have that's something some of us have to live with. at least you didn't burn your house down like i did some years ago i know it doesn't help you much but just to let you know your not on your own take care bigalan

  • Hi oh my god that's what I'm worried about after leaving the pan on today and the water had nearly gone I went to the shop and had am shower my daughter found it it's really scary how do u cope with it sorry to hear about ur house hope u sorted so where to live etc take care of urself

  • Are you on painkillers? My friend and daughter are both on painkillers, gabapentin and amitriptalin and there memories are really bad. Certain medications can cause memory problems xx

  • Hi yea I'm on morphine patches ,tramadol,paracetamol I tried gabapentin but it gave me hepatitis and I was really ill so had to stop them and made my asthma bad and all the tablets steroids etc for my asthma and calcium tablets I've had fir years and it's only started recently x

  • Hi Tracey, I was on tramadol a few months back and they definitely affected my thinking but if you are worried then the doctor needs to take your concerns seriously. I also find that the stress of doing things when my breathing is bad affects my concentration as sometimes just the slightest effort leaves me feeling exhausted. Lack of sleep is another thing that affects my ability to concentrate.

    Try not to worry to much and once your broken rib heals you might feel a lot better.

    Jane x x

  • Hi thanks for that I'm seeing him in a few weeks so will b mention it again to him might b before as I'm in a lot of aim my daughter has to go down in the morning so I might c if I can get an appointment as well but thanks for that

  • Both myself and my partner had problems with tramadol. My partner was in a world of his own when on them and actually had a few fainting fits too. Your Docs should do something to help you if you are worried. Hope you get something done soon.

  • Yea I am going to c him when I go down next week thank u for ur advice I find I don't sleep well with them either

  • Are you menopausal?? I often forget things too.

    Had a full hysterectomy 8 weeks ago and now on HRT so hoping that will help.

  • No I'm not I thought I was as got lots of symptoms but had test done and shows I'm not had a hysterectomy about 5 years ago still got my overies as there ok x

  • Tracey stop worrying it is your meds try spacing your pill out when you've been on the patch & pills for awhile you feel normal but the drugs' make you do strange things I keep forgetting things & in the night I make a rollup & there's a mess everywhere I take pills in my sleep or can't remember & if you haven't slept for one or two nights you will do many strange things you won't remember hope this helps you take care Ray.

  • Hi yea thanks I've tried that tried everything but I was forgetting things before I started taking them as well but thanks for the advice

  • Tracey before you started your meds were you stressed depressed dwelling or worrying that can give you alot of the things that's happening to you hopefully you'll be feeling better soon hope your family are ok take care Ray. Ps tell the doctor at the hospital & tell him about your doctor laughing that is sick & very unprofessional bye

  • I was always a forgetful person. Once on asthma meds, I forgot a lot more. Is there another GP in the practice who you trust more? I'd say the saucepan thing is nothing compared to me leaving daughter then aged 6, in the pet shop. I was a few shops away before realising she wasn't with me.

  • Ps this was long before I had any meds.

  • I put my dinner in the fridge to cook yesterday . I kept thinking something was at the back of my mind eventually it came to me . I'm sure it's just the meds try not to worry because as you see you are not alone x

  • Glad it's not just me! I'm 45 years young and thought I had early onset dementia! I think there might be something in the lack of oxygen to the brain thing as I have been terrible in the last year leading up to my asthma diagnosis last week and a month before I was all over the place with my mind not with it, feeling spaced out, light-headed and dizzy as well as exhausted and not having the energy to do anything. Now I'm on meds it does seem to be getting there. Thanks for bringing this up thingymebob ;)

  • Then again I might be menopausal...

  • Hi Tracy

    This is the age when the senior citizen moments start. I do not believe it is about forgetting. It is about not laying down the memory in the first place.

    It is also to do with event sequencing. An action has to be inhibited until another action has taken place. Unfortunately as you get older certain parts of the brain slow down and mistime. So the other action has not taken place and inhibited action is no longer inhibited.

    As Esther Rantzen has said. I took the cellophane wrapping of the sandwiches. I put the sandwiches in the bin and the cellophane wrapping in the fridge.

    Handling a health disability means that you divert more resources to handling the health disability and out of habit do not put enough resources to remember the things that need to go into short term memory.

    Take note of what happens and how it happens. Learn the technique of momentarily pausing to check that you have put into memory the things you need to put into memory.

    I believe this problem arises because the skills are changing to seeing the wood rather than the trees. This is contrast to a younger person who is still seeing the trees and has a good memory for the trees and as a result is unable to see the wood.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ok thank u

  • You're doctor should take you seriously, although less common, there is working age dementia. people shouldn't say don't worry it's probably this that or the other, it could be stress related or something else.

  • Hi yea I have to make appointment with him again or another one as bit worried about it thanks for the reply

  • Good luck with the appointment. Let me know what the doc says.

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