Asthma as the result of Sarcoidosis

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My husband has been diagnosed with Asthma this year. He is 52 years old and has a decreased lung function due his diagnosed. As a result of a biopsy, it was found that he has Sarcoidosis. Thankfully, there is no sign of cancer. We need information from anyone that might have this condition as the next thing we will have to deal with is treatment of the Sarcoidosis. Thank you for any advice you can give.

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  • If you Google it the British Lung Foundation website shows up & that seems to contain information about causes, symptons & treatment.

  • I think someone posted in answer to another post about this that if you look up the NHS website about Sarcoidosis there seems to be a link to a website there that will tell you more. Will try and find the post and give you better information.

  • I have copied the body of the original post below:

    "If you google sarcoidosis and then go on to the nhs choices entry for the condition, you will not only find information on it but also what appears to be a link to a sarcoidosis support group."

    Hope this helps. You could also used the search tool on here and find all posts where Sarcoidosis is mentioned.

  • I have both conditions. I've had two courses of prednisalone. The sarcoidosis seems to have 'settled' - no change in X-Rays for the last six or so.

  • Glad to hear the Sarcoidosis has settled !

    six or so years ??

  • thank you all for your information and support !

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