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Hi I have had asthma for about 22 years I developed in my late 20's I have gradually got worse and have been on and off steriods for the 20 years but never was given any form of calcium protection and now have arthritus and have just been for my first bone density scan as tthey think I have now got ostioperosis I have nebuliser about 6 a day and night but have been told if I have a bad attack and take more then 10 nebs in 24 hours then I should go into hospital I do have an asthma review evry year but basically they have given me rescue courses of antibiotics and steriods and have left me too it and I am fairly confident after 20 years as when I need them but I do feel kind of you know what your doing just get on with it from the docs and not much support

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Do you have a consultant? With that severity of symptoms and your needing so much daily medication then I would have thought that you need the advice of a super specialist asthma consultant. Have you had the more detailed asthma tests? Mannitol challenge and nitric oxide? Is it really asthma?

Sorry, I realise that is a bombardment of questions.

I think you should start by seeing your GP. And raise your concerns.

Look after yourself and think what you would advise a dear friend in the same situation.

K xx


I'm very surprised you've not got a Consultant. i have one who see every three months, plus. If rough, on demand

Just give his secretary a call and see me after ward rounds. 30 years of prednisone have given me osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes, plus acid reflux. On 6 different meds for these three steroid induced conditions.


I have had asthma for over twenty years and it is only recently they have sent me to the chest clinic. I have never had a bone scan and also have arthritis. I was on Seretide for most of the time and just recently have been taken off it as they said it had too many side affects. They have put me on Qvar 100 and since I have been on this I have had acid reflux but did not connect it to the inhaler. All I was given was omaprazole but now I really believe it could be the inhaler. It is a scary condition and I hate taking steroids and only take them when I have a chest infection. We used to have an asthma nurse at our doctors but when she left they did not replace her. I also feel like you that there is no support from the doctor xx

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I too deal with my asthma myself. I have been on oral steroids daily for about 24 years now, previously it was just for a couple of weeks at a time. My consultant does not want me to use a nebuliser at home as he feels if I get any worse and am admitted then it would not provide the relief necessary as I would be too accustomed to them. I see my GP every 4 weeks (have other issues as well) and Asthma Consultant every 3 months. Personally I would have to be at deaths door to be admitted to hospital


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