Tell us about your asthma care

Despite how serious asthma attacks can be, last year 8 out of 10 of you told us that people with asthma were not getting care that met the most basic clinical standard. We want you to tell us, has that changed?

Last year we used your results to help campaign for a national clinical audit in England and Wales, which will help improve care in all nations across the UK. We now need your help again.

Please tell us about your asthma care so we can use the results to raise awareness of how serious asthma is and continue to campaign for better care. Can you spare a few moments to complete our survey? It should only take around 2 minutes.

The survey can be found at this web address:

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  • I have had asthma for around 4 years. I take pulmicort and bricanyl. I have been doing fine until recently when the flat got turned unside down to get it rewired. There was a lot of dust disturbed. I can't get rid of this cough and I keep having attacks which generally disperse but sometimes it takes hours before I feel better. I don't want to end up in hospital again as I am going on holiday soon. Is there any advice you could give me? I live with my partner who is also my carer. We live in Scotland. The doctors (glenburn health centre) have stopped giving me check-ups for some unknown reason. I feel neglected and abandoned. please help me get some fresh air. Not been out for 6 months. I also have diabetes and PA. I am obese which doesnt help. Always getting brethless. Last B12 injection was 11 months ago because they said the B12 count was 2000. Way too high.

  • I have had Ashma most of my life (I'm 46 female ) .over the last year it has got gradually worse .

    I have other health problems which I'm sure are related .I have IBS excema alergies and heartburn . These seem to flare up at same time but IBS c not good all the time .I take meds for heartburn and am also on blood pressure tablets . Last September I became ill with a horrible cough and it's still hanging around .I was rushed to hospital three times and have been on steroids and antibiotics on and off since which have not helped . I am constantly block red up with mucus and yuky stuff which I've always thought down to my alergies .

    I'm constantly tired as Ashma keeps me awake .

    The only time I feel well is if I've been on holiday near the sea and my asthma symptoms clear up

    My doctors are great but feel they not understanding how unwell I feel with all things flaring up at once which is ongoing at this time 😃🌺🌻🐝

  • Hi everyone - we're just giving this post a Monday-morning bump in case anyone hasn't seen it. It will really help Asthma UK to raise awareness of how serious asthma is and campaign for better care if you fill out our 2015 Asthma Care Survey -

    It would be fantastic if you could share it with any friends, relatives or colleagues you know who also have asthma - every person who completes the survey will help us get a better picture of asthma care across the UK

  • Salut,je demande si je peux participer avec mon expérience

  • hi iam new to this site iam andrea from bradford and ive had asthma from 5months old , iam now 57

  • Hi there. I was first given asthma diagnosis about twenty five tears. Followed on from a serious chest infection. Started on ventolin which worked well for some time. After an increase in symptoms becotide was added. Until about eighteen months ago didn't have too much of a problem, occasional steroids. More recently things have been stepped up so I now have ventolin, Seretide Montelukast and steroids every few weeks. My go is good, he knows me and listens and does what is needed. I have just been referred to a specialist, I do feel this should have been done earlier. As I have just finished steroids, on antibiotics for suspected chest infection. My asthma is completely out of whack. The asthma nurse last time I saw her said she couldn't write an action plan for me as I was too unstable. So I still don't have one. The main problem I have is if you don't see your own go, they don't know how I usually am, and ignore,it then escalates. Hope this helps

  • Après avoir marre des médicaments j'ai suivis la respiration profonde

  • Followed the link but looks like survey is now closed

  • Had asthma for 40 years. Fed up with not being listened to by medical "professionals". Asthm nurses know less r

    Than me and are not qualified to prescribe? I have led my own care by logging into thoracic society ....... GP. Stands for " generally poor". My asthma is under control for one reason!!!!!!! I educated myself and had to beg for the allergy medication I knew I needed to avoid attacks

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