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impending chest infection

hi im Danni suffered with asthma since i was really small only starting getting real bad attacks around 16 when i was doing my final gcse exams. ever since ive had regular attack that very often leave me hospitalized. this past 10 months is the longest i have been without an attack since before i can remember but recently i have been coughing alot and have a very productive cough. i have started my emergency antibiotics and steroids but im struggling. i am a single mum to a 3 year who has no where to go if i have to go to hospital which is yet more stress and stress being my biggest trigger things are mounting pretty quickly. does anyone have any advice. how do you other single parents cope if you have to go to hospital and there is no one else to help with your children. thank you for taking the time to read this. love to all my fellow sufferers xxxxxx

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Hi Danni,

Welcome! I can't help with the childcare issues as don't have any of my own and partner's children were grown when we got together. I am sure someone will post with helpful tips. I would also advise you to call the BLF helpline - open between 9 and 5 on weekdays and see if they have any suggestions their number is 03000 030 555. Do you have a friend who would look after your little one?

Good Luck and give the little one a hug and kiss from me.



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thank you for the reply and no i have only a few trust worthy friends and they all work full time. as does my mum. i will try get another dr app tomorrow. its getting tighter. unfortunately i know how this story goes once an infection sets in i find it hard to fight off. it doesn't help that im allergic to penicillin x i will phone that number tomorrow before the dr xxx


Hi Danni

Sorry to hear that you are struggling. It's hard to know whether this is just your asthma not being well controlled or something more complicated emerging. Either way though I'm sure you will find a way forward.

Like you I developed asthma as a toddler (now in my 50s) & sometimes I think you can get periods where it seems worse than usual.

Aside from the obvious increasing of preventer medication or steroids has your GP arranged sputum analysis or done any spirometry with you? They should give your doc some initial clues as to whether there is anything else that is complicating the asthma. Also are you doing peak flow readings regularly? What do they show?

If you have a very productive cough you could also try some airway clearance exercises. You'll find plenty with a quick search but let me know if you can't & I will send you some links. The trick is to get as much of the gunk out as you can without inflaming the airways more than necessary.

Good luck!



Hi Danni,

Do you mind me asking if your sputum is yellow in color, I think that is my problem too. I think I have an infection that is hard to get rid off. I cough up yellowish gunk..

I know antibiotics is not good...and might not work unless its bacterial, I understand.

Hope your doing well,



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