Asthma and High Blood Pressure

Just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and how is managed. Is thee any implications on your asthma at all? Are the two linked?

During a routine GP appointment this week my blood pressure fell into the high category (hypertension type one) . I also had a very fast pulse. I have been told I will need to be regularly monitored over the coming weeks in order to make an official diagnosis.

I'm an bit worried about this as I'm only in my early twenties and thought high blood pressure was something that developed much later in life.

Any advice or experience will be gratefully received .

Thank you


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  • Hi

    I've had asthma all my life but was diagnosed with high blood pressure in 2001 and never had any problems with the medication for my blood pressure and asthma meds .I take two tablets a day for blood pressure which keeps it under control .its still high but not dangerously high and get it checked regularly .I keep active and eat a healthy diet .But your doctor will keep you right

    I'm 46 and was quite young when diagnosed but my family has history of heart problems .

    Stay positive and don't let it get you down 😃🌺🌻🐝

  • The worst thing you can do is worry, so try not to. I am in my mid-sixties, diagnosed with asthma in 2008 & with very high blood pressure early last year, at my asthma review. I have been put on the smallest dose of medication, made my already reasonably healthy diet even more healthy, & have lost some weight (though I wasn't overweight to start with). My blood pressure is now normal. Just do what your doctor says & they should be able to sort you out. They say that about 30% of people have high blood pressure & most don't know. If I hadn't had an asthma review with a new nurse who did a very good job, I wouldn't know either. Good Luck!

  • Unfotunately you can get high blood pressure at any time. I too had high blood pressure in my mid twenties but it was the stress of a new job and b*****d boss. Once I changed jobs everything was fine. All they did was monitor me for a few weeks or months and by that time I was doing my own yoga and relaxation because I pretty much realised what the cause was and got away from it. Sometimes inhalers can cause problems with blood pressure and pulse I think. Imagine your GP would have thought of this already.

  • Best thing to do is to eat healthily, exercise and do all the good things. Same with most things I suppose - boring as it is.

  • Interesting this, to those ranting about the annual Asthma check up, it was that that found my very high blood pressure which is now under control with two tablets, no effect on the Asthma, so do go for your check ups

  • Thank you everyone for your comments so far! I had a repeat test today, it's still too high. Next step is a 24 hour test! Anyone had one of these?

  • Hi there

    High blood pressure runs in my family and history of strokes. I was diagnosed with it 20 yrs ago when 29 and due to family history was advised to go on medication. I've had asthma since I was 3 and can happily say I've had very few problems. Both asthma and BP are totally under control ( BP read every 2 months at my local surgery and 6 monthly appointments with asthma nurse). With the advice of your GP and practice there is no reason why you can not live a totally normal active life. Good luck, try not to worry too much and all should be fine x

  • I have had Asthma since I was 48 (now 65) and have been on BP medication, which is effective, for about 5 years. The BP medicines I am on are Losartan and Doxisozin (1 tablet each day). The have had no effect one way or the other on my Asthma but bear in mind that BP medicines are very patient specific in that you need to find, with you Dr., the one(s) that suit you. Before the ones I'm now on I was put on Amplopidine (tight chest) and Ramipril (caused my Asthma to flare up v.badly). I'm also on a low dose of statins for High Chloresterol - again no effect on my asthma.

  • Thanks everyone, I've been trying to take on all of your advise and have tried not to think or worry myself about it. It's reassuring to know people have been diagnosed young.

    I get my 24hr monitor fitted tomorrow so I guess I'll find out more soon enough.

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