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Carer for my partner, 3 children and a stressful job!

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My partner and I are 37, he has been diagnosed with brittle asthma after having a near fatal attack last year. He is in and out of hospital and has recently lost his job due to health. It's a difficult, frightening situation. We have 3 children and I work full time for the NHS. His health has deteriorated over the past 3 weeks.

I just wanted to start a thread for people caring for their partners. I'd like to hear about other people's experiences with their employer when having to take time off to care. Also about stress whilst caring (ie it's scary sometimes!).


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Hi Eleanor

Although I am not a carer I just wanted to say I totally sympathise with your situation

You are right, Asthma is a desperately frightening illness to have and for our loved ones it is stressful. I have a wonderfully supportive Husband and three sons who all know what to do when it all goes wrong but I can always see the fear in their faces when it happens.

I want to tell you that I work full time for a major premium department store and I have an HR team who are amazing. They understand Asthma and all the complications that go with the illness so when I need to take the time off I am not worrying myself sick. I know Asthma UK have articles on this and all employers should understand this illness. Have you sat down with your HR representative to discuss your concerns? if not DO IT !!

You need all the support you can get and a supportive employer is called for otherwise you just cannot function as a Carer and a Wife and Mother.

take care x


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