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Flutiform reaction and non responsive Clenil

I have been on Clenil for a number of years, sometimes it worked. Now I am on Flutiform but my symptoms seem worse. I may have answered my own question but was told not to change back.

I have constant pain around the inside of my chest wall, or the outside of the lungs, constant clearing of the throat and zero physical or mental energy.

I have had 5 years or more of non responsive treatment. And awaiting a chest clinic appointment at the the hospital. I feel like I am in my late 90s. Lower Back Pain, weakness in legs, arthritis symptoms in my hands. I am 44.

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Sounds awful! Hope you get your appointment soon. Have you told the hospital you will take a cancellation at short notice? This may get you in quicker. They will phone you when someone cancels an appointment and ask you to get in as soon as you can. We have actually managed to get an MRI for my partner with half an hour notice - just managed to drive to the hospital for that one.

Hope you get your appointment soon and things start getting better for you.


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