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The Asthma UK Forum is going to change

Great news, we'll soon be changing the Asthma UK forum for the better. We're setting up a new community on HealthUnlocked and would love for you to join us there.n nWhy are we moving?nThe new community is being implemented to help us serve you better. It will help us stay in touch with you and will help you stay in touch, and learn from, each other. n nIt will also allow us to reach out to HealthUnlocked's wider audience through the platform, NHS Choices, and the web. n nWhat you need to knownWe'll soon start sending email invites. All you have to do is accept the invite and all your posts and account will be migrated over. It's as simple as that. If you decline the invite your posts won't be migrated over, but you can still create an account if you want to start from scratch.n nAfter a short period of time, once everyone has had the opportunity to join the new community, we'll close this one down.n nIf you do have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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Hello!nWill these old threads still be accessible in an archive or even carried over to the new forum please?nThanksnKaten


Hi, i used to check the old forum everyday using my last visit & the dates of the last post to check on what I had not read. I can't see a way of doing this efficiently on this site without opening every topic & checking. Am I missing something here, because if not I'll soon be giving up here, which is a shame as there can be good information posted. Come back old forum.....please!


Yes please email me of the change in asthma forum

Thankyou look forward to seeing what the new one is liked much better I hope

With more information ect.

Irene Matthews.


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