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Hi Folks, nnI myself do not have asthma but my dad, nephew and two close friends do, Or should i say DID!nnThey have all been taking a high quality 4% CBD Oil for the past couple of months with amazing results! Just 3 drops of oil 3 times a day held under the under the tongue for about 60 seconds then swallowed. None of them have to use inhalers anymore and they have all stated that they feel healthier the ever before. Also my wife and daughters Hayfever symptoms have completely gone! No more allergy tablet hangover.nnThe only way to find out if i'm right is by trying the Oil for yourselves. I have no vested interest in any of the suppliers of CBD Oil, I just don't like to see anybody suffering when there is such a worthwhile product available that is natural, organic and perfectly safe and legal for all of us to use from cradle to grave.nnIf any of you decide to give it a go then please do not buy from amazon, Most of the oils on there are of suspect quality. If interested i can point you in the direction of a few well respected suppliers of quality oil, but you can also do some research yourselves. Google CBD Oil & Asthma.nnThis really is a life changer for all Asthma & Allergy sufferers. nnFeel free to ask any questionsnnTo a healthy futurenCheers

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Hi and thank you for writing your post, it is something I am very interested in pursuing and the industry I work in is closely linked and am in a position to be able to obtain some oil, I suffer dreadfully from hayfever and asthma have all my life, do not know what it is like to be able to able to function daily without my prescriptions and do worry about the long term effects of these artificial relievers which of late aren't working so effectively. Can I ask did any of them struggle with exercise also ? So I am going to pursue this further will keep you all updated.


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