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Exercise after an episode

Hi everyone,

I was just hoping to get some thoughts from people

My asthma has been back for about a year, but I've had a really good few months, everything well controlled (montelukast and fostair) and I've been really active lately, which has helped too

I've struggled this weekend (humidity and pollen I think), had an attack sunday and I'm now on 5 days pred

Im getting my usual pred side effects - insomnia, jitters and hyperactivity.

The advice I'm after is this - do I rest up and just make sure everything has settled down, or carry on exercising, even to a lower level

Thanks everyone and I hope you are all well x

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usual disclaimer i'm not medical at all - just a fellow asthmatic who also likes to exercise. nnPersonally i would say listen to your body. What type of exercise is it that you do? Is it something you can try and just stop if necessary - like swimming / gym / classes or is it something that goes out over distance like running / cycling? things that stay in one place are probably best to try out first and then if you're feeling good / confident you could maybe try something else if you want nndoes that make any sense at all?? LOL


Hi, thanks for that. I decided to give it a bit of a rest to be on the safe side, feeling a lot better now, so I'm going to get back into next week. I try and keep as active as I can, but I've given up on running for a whilennI don't know about anyone else, but I always feel like I'm learning with asthma!


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