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Hi All,

I have been struggling now for the last few weeks, last Fri I had a particularly bad attack, thankfully managed to avoid hospital, but upon reflection, it might well have been the best place for me, as my recovery from it has been very slow. I am suffering so much during the night, as I am sure so many others do, my blue reliever spray is getting a lot of use, probably too much, but thankfully it's still doing its job. Consequently the lack of sleep is affecting me during the day , but it's the pain & heaviness, in my chest, that's concerning me too. On the reducing dose of Predenislone, I am now down to just two tablets & that will drop to 1 for 4 days on Tue. No change in the rest of my meds . The last time I saw my GP he said there was nothing more he could do for me & the next stop was A&E & although during the night I get bad I fear I would be wasting their time as its not strictly an emergency if getting up & using my blue inhaler gives me relief.

Does anybody have any advise? My asthma is caused by hay fever, so hopefully things will settle down in a couple of weeks anyway, it's just between now & then!!!!


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Hi Tre,

Hayfever's such a nuisance isn't it? Are you taking antihistamines as well as the preds? Preventer inhaler?

I'm sure you've heard it before but making sure windows are shut and you have no pollen on you before bed will help. I often take a shower and wash hair to calm hayfever down before sleep.


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