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My 3 year old son

Hi, This is my first post so aplogies if its incorrect.

My 3 year old son has been diagnosed as asthma. However the doctors have done no tests and refuse to do any tests until he is 5 years old. He has been given a brown preventer and the blue one for when he needs it,

We have had an ambulance out 5 times in the last 6 months as he has been unable to breath and the inhlaers havent been helping him.

The hospital refuse to treat him as asthamtic until hes 5 and ive basically been told that i will continue being in hospital every month until hes old enough.

Its not fair on my little boy to have to go through this without any help.

I have another appointment with his GP tonight as he needs help as hes getting bad once a month and still needing his blue inhaler at least twice a week.

Can anyone give me any adivce on what i need to say to the doctor to get them to do more. OR is it true that they will not treat asthama until 5.

Any helps will be grateful.

Many Thanks

Sharnna x

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Hi Sharnna

So sorry to hear that your little boy is struggling so much. Having been there with my own son I really feel for you!

The best advise I can give you is the phone the 'AUK NURSES' their number is on this website. I spoke to them before my sons consultant appointment, I was very frustrated and felt we weren't getting the help/treatment he badly needed! They advised me on questions to go armed with and it did make a difference.

I hope things improve for you both.

Lots of luck, Clare x


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