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Work being less than helpful


Hi all,

My first post on here but mainly done out of shear frustration, my asthma is out of control and has been since february, currently on spiriva respimat, qvar, serevent, airomir, zafirlukast, fexofendine, daily preds and home Nebs, seeing consultant every 3 week.

I currently work for a large retail company, in a city centre, my consultant has advised that relocating, to an outer city shop would be more beneficial to my long term health, as pollution is a major trigger for me, a large retailer the size I work for would defiantly be able to accomadate this however they are dragging there feet and I believe are now going to try to go down the capabilities route.

I recently finished a phased return back to work and became slightly unwell having to use my nebuliser at work, however I wanted to try and stay in work but knew 9 hour days for that week were possibly going to be too much so I asked for a reduction in my hours temporarily rather than take the week off, this was agreed, but since I've been told it's not possible and I shouldn't be doing it? I feel at work the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing?

I suppose my real question in all of this would be does anyone else struggle with difficulties from work?

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