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spacers/aero chambers etc

hello all

Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. Collected my repeat tonight I was expecting to collect a new Aerochamber but instead was given a compact space chamber plus (manufactured by medical developments international) is is some new NHS budget cut. Not impressed I had a quick glance at the enclosed leaflet the spacer has to be primed by either soaking in warm soapy water or administering 6-8 puffs of inhaler. Then it should be washed at least once a week but more often if needed, left to dry and then re-primed, it says it can be washed in the dishwasher but then re primed. It then goes on to say if it is not clear to you how to clean your space chamber plus please ask your healthcare professional! It's really confusing as the initial instructions state o prime it for the first time immerse in warm soapy water or prime with.6-8 puffs but the cleaning instructions tell you to prime it after washing...

Feeling very confused. Has anyone else been changed over to this, and do you understand the cleaning/priming instructions?

Surely priming the spacer weekly with six puffs seems ludicrous I'll end up reordering inhalers fortnightly at that rate!

Ho hum off to clean my old Aerochamber and carry on with that for now

Thanks in advance

L xx

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I have been using the Clement Clark Able Spacer for many years now.

I picked up my new repeat today and discovered that It had been substituted with a GSK Aerochamber.

I wish we were informed of changes to our scripts... I can't save space in packing now as I would pop the Seretide inside the AbleSpacer...

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We should do swaps Kate! My new compact one comes apart so you can store an inhaler inside! Im getting on ok with it I just dislike the fact there's no lid to cover the mouth piece unlike the aerochamber, and it needs cleaning al the time! I'd very much prefer if they told us scripts where changing too!

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I have given up and ordered an Able Spacer original from Amazon as they are now not dispensed / sold in the UK Clement Clarke have a new one which is bulkier... AbleSpacer 2..... It has no lid!

Wish I was told that they aren't on the script lists anymore...


Good plan! If you can get an aerochamber though might try specifically requesting the brand first!

So if the able 2 is bulkier and has no lid, we must be going back generations to the volumetric spacers! We will soon be back to dismantling spacers to carry around!

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I bought an original AbleSpacer on Amazon.... Keeping that one for travel and going away etc. the slightly bigger AbleSpacer 2 doesn't whistle which is one plus... On and the instructions say to keep it in its little red plastic bag. Oh well, it works....


Interesting! The compact doesn't whistle either! It comes in a box which isn't ideal for storage so I might keep it in a re sealable bag as I really really dislike the fact it doesn't have a lid. Getting fed up of cleaning it all the time! Never mind like you say it works!!


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