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Pursed Lips Breathing

I find pursed lips breathing extremely powerful and effective

Do it whilst breathing only through the nose. Purse your lips with a challenging expression (see for example https/ ) This is an acupressure thing. Pressing on the point between the nose and the upper lips promotes taking a deep breath. See video on https/

All the best. Richard Friedel

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The link does not now work. Search for ""pursed lips"" via Google. Turns up four determined faces.

Interestingly the Patakara Company in Japan is selling devices to train the lip closing force to cure asthma. To my mind firmly closing one's lips (stiff upper lip) improves breathing via acupressure, just does pressung on an ""acu point"" between the nose and upper lip, Look up Dr. Gach's video on Youtube (type Gach gv26).

for an inexpensive way of lip training. See ""Trisha O'Hehir presents six exercises for mouth breathers on the Net and Orofacial Myology Exercises, Battle Button.wmv.

Does any kind soul have the time to tell us just why medicine has such a completely different description of ""pursed lips breathing"" (PLB) with more less slack lips.


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