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Hi I was just wondering if anybody else is on a double dose of Fexofenadine I had an asthma attack on Mon so saw my GP today, my con had advised if I was ill that would be the best course of action initially leading to full course of pred if not successful, which I am hoping against hope to avoid this year. The dose I am now on is180mg twice a day, along with all the other hay fever/ asthma meds inc Montelucast

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  • I take 180mg morning and night too. I am under a consultant for allergies as well as asthma and they advised me to double it last year when my asthma was bad in the hayfever season. I then drop back down to one a day in the winter. I also have another antihistamine in case it is really bad and regularly take nasal spray, eye drops and Montelukast.

  • Thanks for that, I only ever suffer with asthma in the hay fever season, do you manage to avoid steroids then with all your meds or does it just depend on the level of control you have?

  • I'm on triple Fexofenadine. My cons said an antihistamine overdose had never really done anybody any harm so what the hell! I usually spend the whole hayfever season on steroids but I have brittle asthma, and I'm on steroids all the time, so probably a bit unusual. I'm also on eye drops, Nasonex, Montelukast.

  • Thanks for your reply it's always good to hear from others in similar situations, but you are obviously much worse, my asthma doesn't cause a wheeze, which is the same for so many, so seeing the right doc is important, I'm heading down the immunology route later in the year so fingers crossed for that.

  • Hi,

    I am on a triple dose of fexafenadibe take it three times a day. As i have brittle asthma, been on it for over a year now. Also take pred 40mg daily and montelukast amongst other meds. I have also startedo a trial of xolair anti IgE. I have suffered no side effects from the fexafenadine.

  • Thank you for you reply always helpful to read.

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