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Going round and round... and round!

Hi all,

This is mostly a vent but if anyone can offer some useful advice that'd be nice too..

I'm literally sick of going round in circles. Every time I've come off steriods it's been 2-3 weeks and I'm back to feeling tight chested and coughing, this is since December. Sometimes it's come back because of a cold but it seems impossible to avoid them having a toddler and working in a school. I've still got to wait until July to see a consultant and really can't face being back in pred if things don't improve this week. I'm currently taking fostair every 4 ish hours if needed. I only needed a couple of puffs a week or so ago. I went to the beach on holiday last month and it was lovely having the sea air. Now I'm home and it's June, instead of sneezing as normal it seems to be affecting my chest but hayfever tablets don't seem to help, Ahhhhhhh!

Thanks for listening,


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