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Manchester difficult clinic

Seen difficult asthma consultant x2 has now passed me onto Manchester clinic. Not sure what to expect.

I hope they read all my notes as other consultant didn't know of any of my allergies, so I am not that confident and can imagine the referral letter. I had a great consultant for 15 years and now 3 years of messing around with meds ( which on reflection is probably why I've needed steroids). As my partner says if ok then why mess around stuff as they know you are brittle. Well exactly I think they don't know that as my notes go way back and had no admissions for ages. I stay at home and manage with nebs when needed and if I needed on call gp. Concerned about having to start all over again with history, various tests etc don't have the time or patience for any of this; as I don't let the asthma rule my life. Don't medics understand that reading up on medical history is important rather than having to retell everything. When I went through really bad time as I was in and out off hospital and I was off work then had to attend occupational Health and eventually was retired at 27 on ill health. Don't want to have to go through all that again as I have manage to return to work part time over the years. Anyone here been to Manchester? What's the team like? What tests? Got to go as a day case don't know what I will be doing arranging transportation and childcare for this.

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Are you going to Wythenshawe hospital - Dr Niven's clinic?


Yeah that's the one. Been under local hospital care approx. 18 years. Also went to Manchester for allergy testing 15 years ago I reacted to a few things, but I also had delayed onset so reaction went worse later on, which led to gp on call for further treatment.


They usually take a brief medical history, ask about current medications and then refer you for a lung function( can be a few months wait), blood tests ( same day), and possibly VCD ( vocal cord dysfunction) test.

They don't change medication dramatically on the first visit but might advise about some adjustments.


I'm afraid no new consultant is going to have the time to go through a whole set of medical notes of someone who has had asthma for years, and no doctor is going to have the time to do more than outline the situation in a letter of referral. Remember that you will be one of many, many patients on a single consultant's list. Besides you, as the sufferer, are the expert on what you have been going through; any halfway decent consultant should want to hear the situation (and the history) from your point of view. It may seem a pain, but it is useful for both patient and doctor.


I know they wouldn't read the whole medical file.

But I would expect them to know that I am allergic to several medicines, which is at the front as a warning to medics and that I am brittle and have atopic asthma. Which is also at the front of my file as I react badly to some medicines.

Just seems going over stuff, which the other consultant never asked. I wasn't even asked the standard questions which are used in asthma check ups .I have been managing fine but have had quite a lot of pred which is nothing compared to my med history when I was on maintenance doses for years and was then being considered for immuno treatment.


But do they send the whole file with those lists attached? If not, then all your new consultant will have to go on is the letter of referral. Now I'll admit that any allergic reactions to medication may well be listed in the letter, but the new consultant could still ask you about them just to ensure that it is up to date.

I must admit I usually enjoy the question/answer session with a new consultant, partly because it gives me a chance to get to know him/her and I'm sure the same is true from any doctor's point of view. Getting a medical problem sorted out is, after all, a bit of a team effort.


Hi, ive just started at Dr Niven's clinic after seeing Halton hospital since 2011. I was seen by 2 wonderful nurses, Kerry and Carla and was taken through the history in the notes and then my asthma in my own words. I then saw Dr Niven and Dr Ryan and discussed option and possible causes of my problems. They took me through skin prick tests and spirometery tests. They were very polite and listened to my symptoms and concerns. They explained it could be 1 of 2 conditions or both. There were Vocal cord disfunction which required camera work with Dr Fowler, Allergic Asthma or a combination of both. They are having me continue with my current medication while I wait for the camera appointment. So far I cannot knock the my treatment at Wythenshaw and look forward to seeing my health improve.


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